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'Some Were Quite Blind'

Four metal statues of massive animal penises stand outside the university's Animal Sciences building. 


When you see the four giant metal statues outside of the University of Florida’s Animal Science building, you might wonder what they are. Are they abstract art? Perhaps micro-organisms? Maybe some form of spiky grub? 

In fact, the statues are actually giant representations of animal penises. From left to right, the genitalia represented are: a boar, a cat, a bull, and a ram. The collection has the enigmatic name of “Some Were Quite Blind.”

The collection of penis statues is accompanied by a small plaque. However, it doesn’t give any information as to what the artwork actually represents, making it easy for passersby to miss the true identities of the massive mammalian phalluses.

The statues were erected on the campus in 1988. They were created by artist Carol K. Brown.

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You can drive right up to the building by car, or if you are riding on the Go-RTS (the Gator Bus system) it is stop #1196.

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