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Auckland, New Zealand

Sky Tower

A New Zealand communications tower stands as the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Like the grand-father of Seattle’s Space Needle, Auckland’s Sky Tower offers visitors a chance to see across the entire city. 

Built as a part of the Harrah’s casino complex at its base, the Sky Tower offers a number of amenities for guest unafraid of heights. The bulbous floors just below the antenna section of the tower house multiple restaurants, including New Zealand’s only revolving eatery. Visitors can also take part in the “SkyJump” which allows people to take a dive off the observation deck. In addition to the attractions housed int he tower, the spire is used to broadcast television, radio, and internet signals to a wide range of the surrounding country. The tower is also lit every evening with energy efficient lighting which changes colors to celebrate various holidays and weather events.  

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