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SkullStore Oddity Shop

A collection of human remains, animal body parts, and other macabre curiosities all legally for sale. 


This curious and macabre oddities shop in Toronto sells dead people—parts of them, that is.

The store is packed with a macabre medley of taxidermy and preserved specimens. There’s a whole assortment of human remains for sale, like skulls, shrunken heads, preserved brains, and mummy hands. 

There’s also a menagerie of exotic animal remains, including some vintage taxidermy, as well as prehistoric dinosaur fossils, and ritualist artifacts like necromancer’s masks and cannibal trophies. (The shop points out that all the objects are legally and ethically collected.) The shop space is shared with a large education center called the Prehistoria Natural History Centre. 

Know Before You Go

Not wheelchair accessible (there's a second floor). Check the website to see when the store is open. It's appointment-only for a few days of the week.

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