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'She Lies'

This floating sculpture of ice is a poignant reminder of nature's power. 


The power of Mother Nature over human endeavors is on display in Oslo Harbour just off the shore of the Oslo Opera House. This striking sculpture evokes the power of ice and water ever-present in the high north.

The floating stainless steel and glass sculpture named She Lies was designed and created by Italian artist Monica Bonvicini. It is based on Caspar David Friedrich’s painting Das Eismeer (The Sea of Ice).

The artwork floats on a concrete platform tethered to the harbor floor, allowing it to turn and change based on the tides and currents. Its subtle movements are a reminder of nature’s constant change. According Public Art Norway (KORO), which supported the installation, the name She Lies adds intentional ambiguity that encourages further reflection.

The sculpture is permanently installed in Oslo’s Bjørvika harbor area near the Oslo Opera House.

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It's best viewed from the roof of the Oslo Opera House.

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