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Sharp Top Crash Site

Bedford, Virginia

A glimpse into the sacrifices of military members during World War II.  


An Army Air Force B-25D flying a nighttime navigation training mission was supposed to be a routine exercise, however, it ended in tragedy. On February 2, 1943, the plane crashed at 3,100 feet on the side of Sharp Top Mountain in southwest Virginia.

The forest is slowly reclaiming the wreckage but still visible is a large portion of one wing, a large radial engine, and some unidentified pieces wrapped around trees. There were five crewmen aboard this tragic flight, whose names are now listed on a memorial at the site.

Know Before You Go

The location is hidden to prevent vandalism but asking a local or exploring on your own will lead you to the site. It’s a steep climb to and from the site on an unimproved trail. Be careful, as snakes and other insects are plentiful. 

If you go please remember that this is a memorial site. Treat this entire area as you would any other place of honor. Leave no trace of garbage and take nothing away from the site.

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