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The Sculptured House

This iconic science fiction house still looks like something from the future. 


Motoring down the scenic drive west on Interstate 70 away from Denver, Colorado, into the foothills and sprawling Rocky Mountains, an odd structure appears south of the freeway. An oval shape seems to float just above the trees at the top of a cliff, looking at the highway below. It would be understandable to think you’ve spotted a UFO, since The Sculptured House is known for its sci-fi history. Built-in 1963, The Sculptured House has many names. Dubbed “the Flying Saucer House,” “the Sleeper House,” and “the Spaceship House,” the futuristic domicile was built by architect Charles Deaton.

Perched on the top of Genessee Mountain, the eccentric private residence has appeared in a number of movies, TV shows, and photo shoots. Most famously it was used as one of the main sets for Woody Allen’s science fiction comedy Sleeper (1973), but it was on also seen on MTV’s Extreme Cribs, HGTV’s Home Strange Home, an episode of American Guns, and has also been included on Forbes’ list of Ugliest Mansions.

The Sculptured House may look fascinating from the outside, but its interior is less impressive. Unfortunately, Deaton ran out of money when building the home, and it remained unfinished and unlived in for almost three decades. In 1999 the home was purchased by entrepreneur John Huggins who worked with Deaton’s daughter (Charles Deaton died in 1996) to finish the interior.

The Sculptured House is not a personal home today but is used for private events, so look out to see what’s on the schedule, to see the former home of the Orgasmatron. 

Know Before You Go

The house currently is not inhabited, used only for special events. There is ample room to park in the driveway. The house is monitored with a number of cameras, so behave.

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