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Sauce Bros Barge

An abandoned boat that's been stranded mysteriously for decades.  


On the beach between Marina and Moss Landing in the Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge is an abandoned 150-feet barge which remains a local mystery.  

Many reports suggest that it was grounded during a storm in December 1983, while others say it was pushed ashore in 1995. The barge named Sauce Bros, was likely used to open the mouth of the Salinas river, that was sealed up with sand, to allow water to drain into the ocean.

The barge was considered a non-hazard due to the fact that its fuel tank was empty when it beached. That, paired with the heavy, rusted nature of the barge makes it both nearly impossible to move and a non-threat to the local environment. Fishermen climb onto the barge and use the holes to drop a line and do some fishing. Anyone willing to risk a walk on it will enjoy a one-of-a-kind photo op and amazing scenery.

Know Before You Go

Take the Del Monte exit off of the HWY 1 and go out towards the ocean. Straight ahead on the road you can see a parking lot. The road to the parking lot is often covered in deep mud, so don't get stuck. You can take roads through the fields that loop around to the parking lot, but this is private property and trespassing is illegal.
Once you are on the beach it is about a mile north through the sand to the barge. When you get to the barge, be careful. Climbing on it is not advised as the deck is rusty and old and you can easily fall through.

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