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Sandwich Boardwalk

Hundreds of personalized inscribed planks make up this historic boardwalk. 


The Sandwich Boardwalk, otherwise known as the “Plank Walk,” is composed of hundreds of inscribed planks.

Stretching over 1,300 feet across a marsh and creek, this boardwalk, located in the oldest town on Cape Cod, was originally constructed in 1875 by Gustavus Howland. It was destroyed by Hurricane Bob in 1991 and was reconstructed using donations from community members whose names are inscribed on the individual planks. It was again partially destroyed in 2013 following a serious blizzard.

The boardwalk ends at the dunes that cradle Town Neck Beach. At high tide, beach-goers jump from the boardwalk or kayak into the marsh’s maze of waterways. At low tide, locals often wade into the marsh to dig up clams and mussels with nets. 

While the boardwalk is aesthetically pleasing to the overall landscape, it also serves a practical purpose. It helps control beach erosion by allowing visitors to explore the area without trampling fragile beach grass and dunes that help maintain the local ecosystem. 

Update as of March 2024: Repairs are in progress, and expected to reopen by Summer 2024.


Know Before You Go

There are two parking lots that can be used to access the boardwalk. The first is in the Town Beach parking lot, which is closer to the end of the boardwalk and the entrance to the beach. Located at 103 Wood Avenue, it is ideal for families with young children and is more accessible for those who may have trouble walking. The second parking lot is found on Boardwalk Street. The parking lots are free during the off-season. 

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