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Samson Luggage Sculpture

Pillars made of 700 pieces of luggage climb to the ceiling of Sacramento Airport's baggage claim. 


At Sacramento International Airport, in the baggage claim at Terminal A, jet-setters will come across two amazing 23-foot pillars made up of more than 700 pieces of luggage. To a traveler arriving half awake after a long flight, the immediate impact is at once disorientating and very amusing.

The baggage dates from the early 20th century to present day, representing the whole period in which air travel has been possible. At the base of the luggage towers are very large white carts, which clearly signify the luggage carts used by baggage handlers to transport suitcases across the tarmac to the aircraft.

It has been said that the baggage appears to support the airport ceiling, and it appears at first glance that if the carts were to move, the roof itself might come tumbling down. But looking closely, it’s evident the baggage has been built up around two existing concrete columns—an excellent piece of installation art created in 1998 by sculptor Brian Goggin.

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