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Salt Hill

Egerszalók, Hungary

The massive white mound and accompanying water terraces are a striking geological oddity. 


A large white mound rises beside a luxury resort in Hungary’s Mátra Mountains. Next to it lies a series of natural terraces. Mineral-rich water bubbles upward from a concealed spring, trickling downward and gathering within the formation’s many levels.

“Salt Hill” and the accompanying terraces are naturally formed, though scaled-down versions, of the rare salt springs and water terraces found around the world. They were created after water rich with a slurry of calcium, magnesium, sulphur, and traces of other minerals pooled and solidified atop two active hot springs.

In 1992, the water spouting from Salt Hill and the terraces was classified as medicinal. Supposedly, it can alleviate back pain, eczema, degenerative musculoskeletal disorders, and gynecological diseases. Even people who aren’t suffering from any medical conditions like to visit the area.

The salty formations are located on the southern edge of the small village of Egerszalók. They’re right next to a resort, making it easy for visitors to admire the geological oddities from the comfort of one of the property’s many artificial pools.

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