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Sabaudia, Italy

A town saturated in Italian rationalist architecture was once marshland drained by Mussolini. 


Against the beautiful contrast of the coast of southern Lazio and the Circeo National Park lies the town of Sabaudia, the jewel of Italian rationalist architecture and one of the biggest acts of propaganda of the fascist regime.

Born to celebrate the draining of the Agro Pontino marshland, Sabaudia’s construction started in 1933 and lasted only 253 days. The town features wide open spaces, orthogonal roads and clean, strictly lined architecture. It was planned by many important fathers of the modern italian architecture movement, including Luigi Piccinato, Angiolo Mazzoni, Eugenio Montuori and many others. ((You can visit Mazzoni’s beautiful post office, now a documentation center.)Starting from the early 1906s, Sabaudia became home to many artists, poets, journalists and intellectuals, and is now a well renowned vacation place surrounded by a beautiful coast, a very huge farmland area and a rich natural park. 

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