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This museum is dedicated to the little known ancient Roman history of Vienna.  


The city of Vienna is a wonderful place known for its beautiful palaces, coffee houses, and its amazing history.

A segment of that history often overlooked is the founding of the city by the Roman Empire. Vienna, known during the days of the Roman Empire as Vindobona, was first founded as a military camp on the edge of the empire. The camp eventually grew and was given the status of municipium, Latin for a small city or town. 

The town was thus fortified with walls and a moat. The former layout of these walls can be seen in the design of the streets of early medieval Vienna. The town’s population dwindled during the 5th-century after it was abandoned by the Romans. However, a small population remained in the city.

The museum itself is located on the site of the old Roman town and has a great collection of Roman artifacts and several other exhibits. However, the most prized exhibit is beneath the museum.

Below street-level is the best-preserved Roman ruins in Vienna. Visitors can view a house that belonged to a Roman officer and his family. There are also great examples of the fire and vent systems used to heat Roman villas. The museum is a must-see when in Vienna. 

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October 19, 2020

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