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Before becoming the Tzars of the Russian Empire, Romanovs were one of many aristocratic families jousting for power in the murky waters of imperial court politics.

The family traces its lineage to second half of the 13th century. During these first centuries family changed the name several times. During the time of Ivan the Terrible, when their power begun to rise they were still known as Zakharin-Yuriev. The basis of operations for the powerful clan was this unassuming building in the so called Zaryadye in Moscow, very near but comfortably outside of Kremlin walls, and close to the merchants of Kitai Gorod district.

Eventually in 1917, after over 300 years of rule, the Romanovs were lined up and killed by their own guards during the Russian revolution. In a bizarre scene, the younger Romanov girls were not killed by the shots as their corsets were stuffed with jewels which stopped the bullets, the guards attempted to stab them and thier bayonets glanced off the jewels. At this point the guards began to fear that the old legend of the Romanovs having supernatural powers and that controlled the throne by divine right was true. The guards finally shot the remaining Romonov girls in the head, and ended the Romanov rule of Russia.

Update December 2017: The residence is currently closed for maintenance and expected to reopen in summer 2018. 

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Exterior maintenance has already been completed. M6 or M7 metro lines to Kitay-Gorod station

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