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Oyndarfjørður, Faroe Islands

Two massive boulders, rocking back and forth with the ebbing of the sea. 


In the Faroe Islands, two huge and mysterious boulders have been rocking away in the sea for as long as anyone can remember.

Located on the northeastern edge of the island of Eysturoy, the village of Oyndarfjørður has all of 180 residents and was effectively completely isolated until 1969, when a paved road was finally completed. Just before the entrance to the village, there is a sign for the pathway to the rocking stones (Rinkusteinar), which are nestled off the side of the road near the inlet where the locals keep their boats.

The stones themselves are a few meters from shore. Although they must weigh several tons each, they lightly bob along with the rocking of the sea (or at least one does - the second has been wedged into a permanent position by two stone blocks). Legend has it that an old sorceress cursed two pirate ships that were menacing the village - turning them to stone and condemning them to an eternity of restless rocking, tantalizingly close a forbidden shore.

A chain connected to the mainland makes it easier to see the rock’s movements and - on a quiet day - you can hear the water mumble around the stone’s subtle disturbance.

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