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Rice Family Mausoleum

Metairie Cemetery

Anne Rice, one of the most influential writers in gothic literature, is buried alongside her husband in a New Orleans cemetery. 


While New Orleans might be known for its food and drink scene and party atmosphere, for fans of gothic literature it brings to mind one name: Anne Rice. The best-selling author was born and raised in the city, and would set many of her works there, even featuring the various houses she owned as the residences of characters like Lestat and the Mayfair Witches.

After her husband, poet and painter Stan Rice, died in 2002, Anne sold some of her property and moved to California to be with their son Christopher. Stan was interred in Metairie Cemetery, the resting place of many famous Louisiana residents including Louis Prima. 

The mausoleum also contains the remains of Stan and Anne’s daughter Michele, who died of granulocytic leukemia at the age of five in 1972. The character of Claudia from Anne’s 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire was partially based on Michele, and Anne’s grief is reflected in the sullen tone of the novel.

Anne died from complications of a stroke in December 2021. Her body was brought from California back to New Orleans in January 2022, to be interred alongside her husband and daughter.

One side of the tomb has three poems engraved in it that were written by Stan Rice. Two in the form of Psalms as a”False Prophet” and one as “Some Lamb. “

Know Before You Go

The mausoleum is located near Millionaire's Row, at the T-junction of Avenue Bell and Avenue O on the eastern side of the cemetery. It's a straight shot from the entrance on Pontchartrain Boulevard. If entering from the southeastern pedestrian entrance, follow the path leading straight from that entrance and turn right when it stops, right again, and then walk three blocks and turn left past the lagoon.

You can walk around the entire tomb to view the stained glass from behind and the poetry engraved on one side. 

Please be aware of cemetery hours. If the gates are closed, you cannot enter.

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