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Red Hook Winery

Brooklyn vintners creating world-class wine in a city not known for its vineyards. 


Unbeknownst to most New Yorkers, Brooklyn once accommodated lush vineyards and a flourishing wine enterprise. 

In the early 19th century, Alphonse Loubat, a Frenchman living in Brooklyn, determined that the banks of the East River would be an exceptional home to his forty-acre vineyard. Soon after, Alden Spooner situated himself in Prospect Park planting a vineyard of native hybrid grapes. Fast-forward almost 200 years to the neighborhood of Red Hook where the founders of Red Hook Winery are determined to salvage New York’s legacy of vinification. 

Mark Snyder, founder and wine distributor for the winery, aims to dramatically alter the urban winemaking landscape in New York. Snyder believes there is enormous untapped potential in Long Island vineyards and is intoxicated with a mission to capitalize on those local grapes. 

In partnership with a diverse team of experienced and creative vintners, Snyder has developed a wine with true Brooklyn character. Red Hook wine is refined exclusively from grapes on the North Fork of Long Island and barreled and aged right across from the winery itself. Using this system, Red Hook Wines sports an array of seventy wines that fit right in with the neighborhood’s eclectic assortment of eateries and bars.

The Red Hook Winery has recently reopened after Hurricane Sandy devastated the storefront location. Luckily, an off-site repository of wines was spared and these are now being served at the winery. Their homegrown drink is yet another tribute to Brooklyn’s resilience and spirit.

Be sure to swing by the winery where you will be treated to a taste of three of New York’s fine Red Hook Winery wines on the house!

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