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Rambla de Barrachina

Villaspesa, Spain

The geomorphology of the Turia Valley could easily be mistaken for Utah or Arizona. 


Driving along the long and winding N330 road between Teruel and Requina (often listed as one of the best motorcycle routes in the country) one comes across scenic areas close to the River Turia that would not look out of place in  Zion or Bryce Canyon National Parks or, perhaps Sedona, Arizona.

Rains and wind have eroded the reddish stone of the area into amazing natural sculptures. The area known as Rambla de Barrachina is one of the best examples because of its natural grandeur and variety of colors. It certainly competes with the Talyueles Canyon, which also sits close to the N330 (a fair way south of the Rambla de Barrachina).

The Rambla is close to the Village of Villaspeza and forms part of a well-documented circular hike of around 11 kilometers called the Red Canyon of Teruel Trail.

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