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Provo Tunnels

These 100-year-old tunnels in downtown Provo house artists, restaurants, and a few surprises.  


Center Street in Downtown Provo is known for its local restaurants and public art. But the majority of visitors have no clue that there is a connection of tunnels running underneath them. 

Locals and Utah historians have been theorizing about these tunnels for decades. The tunnels are believed to run all across Provo and their existence has inspired many conspiracy theories. We do know, however, that the buildings and tunnels on Center Street were built between 1883-1904. The underground tunnels were used as a place to store meat and other perishable food before refrigerators were available.  Blocks of ice from Utah Lake were kept with the food in the tunnels to keep it cold for as long as possible.   

A section of these tunnels is accessible to the public, inside Provo Town Square on the corner of University Ave and Center St. There are a few staircases in the building that lead downstairs to the tunnels. There you can explore murals, small businesses, restaurants, and even a tattoo shop. 

Know Before You Go

To access stairs to the tunnels there are a few ways:

1. Enter the door at 32 W Center St. Walk down the hallway and turn left. There you will find a public stairwell.

2. Enter through The Social. Walk through the Provo Town Square Courtyard, behind the parking garage located at 98 N 100 W. There is a large sign that says "The Social" with an arrow pointing to some stairs. Go down the stairs, and enter The Social. You can exit the social through the first door you see to access the tunnels

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