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Poslastičarnica sa stavom

This ice cream parlor serves scoops of flavors like rakia, medlar, and poppy seed. 


When this ice cream parlor opened in 2015, it had a clear mission: to make exceptional frozen treats with a Serbian twist. The shop eschews artificial ingredients, relying solely on locally grown fruits and other regional ingredients for their vibrant colors and flavors. As a result, the ice creams on offer vary depending on the season. 

The plum, which is the national fruit of Serbia, was selected to be the first flavor produced and sold. Soon, traditional flavors, such as chocolate, cream, and coffee, joined the roster, along with more unusual offerings, including poppy seeds, lavender, and medlar.

The menu here consists of a mix of popular staples and more distinctive signature options. The latter category includes boozy numbers such as a rakia ice cream made with 84 grams of the Balkan fruit brandy per kilo and a white wine ice cream with 250 grams of wine per kilo. Since the process for making ice cream does not eliminate alcohol, the possibility of becoming inebriated should not be underestimated. 

Another signature ice cream flavor that deserves its own category is ajvar. Ajvar is a traditional condiment principally made of mashed, roasted red pepper and eggplants, which makes for an ice cream that’s both savory and sweet. Be sure to sample before ordering the ajvar ice cream, as this unusual combination may not be to everyone’s taste.

Poslastičarnica sa stavom also creates custom flavors for special events. Through the years, they’ve tinkered with adding other alcoholic beverages, including red wine and beer, to ice cream. Although the results were intriguing, these novelties never became best-sellers. They were taken off the regular rotation, but are still available on request—provided the order is sufficiently large to justify making a batch.

In order to get just the right consistency for each flavor, Poslastičarnica sa stavom uses two different ice cream machines, which explains why some flavors are creamier or more aerated than others. Finally, a word about the cones, which are made in-house from scratch. Quality Serbian butter gives these cones a richer flavor than their commercial counterparts.

Know Before You Go

Sneak a peek through the glass of the open kitchen to see your ice cream flavors materialize before your eyes.

You'll be able to sample all the unusual flavours before making your choice. If it's still too hard to pick, there is the option to get "half scoops", so you can enjoy more flavours for the same price.

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