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Pobednik (The Victor) Monument

A towering spire in the fortress of Kalemegdan honors the victorious armies of Serbia during their struggles against the Ottoman Empire. 


Built in 1928, this longstanding monument has seen the soil on which it sits enter conflict several times, yet remains a tall and proud reminder of glories past.

A work of the renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović, The Victor is set on a pedestal in the form of a Doric column on a tall cubic base, designed by the architect Petar Bajalović. It is built to commemorate Serbia’s triumph over both Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empire. 

The statue overlooks the confluence of rivers Sava and Danube and is turned to face towards what was, at that time, Austro-Hungarian Empire, in a gesture that many consider quintessential defiance of Serbian people. 

The statue is located in the historic Kalemegdan fortress, a popular attraction in modern-day Belgrade, and remains one of the most recognized and photographed visual symbols of Belgrade. The Victor Monument was designated as a cultural heritage property in 1992.

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