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Pino Suárez Linear Garden

This sculpture garden is a serene oasis wedged in the middle of a busy highway. 


This beautiful, serene sculpture garden is nestled within a bustling highway. A series of pedestrian walkways winds among artwork that show tidbits of local tradition and lore. Metepec is famous for its clay pottery, making the garden a fitting homage to its heritage.

The most impressive clay sculptures are the Trees of Life, giant sculptures with elaborate, Baroque motifs. They’re all about different topics like human creation, Mexican traditions and history, and natural themes like the seasons.

But there’s much more to see besides the gorgeous tree sculptures. The garden has a fountain with a mermaid at the center called Tlanchana. Legend says that a long time ago, the town fishermen had to ask a goddess for permission to fish in the lake. This goddess was a mermaid who loved the clay sculptures, which the people offered to gain her favor.

One of the strangest parts of the garden is a little chapel dedicated to a Virgin of Guadalupe who showed up in a tree in 1995. Today, it’s possible to see the figure of the Virgin, and the locals offer her a great party every December 12. The park also contains areas dedicated to temporary exhibits, where the artwork is changed every October during the city’s big festival.

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