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Peulla, Chile

This secluded village in the Andean wilderness can't be accessed by road. 


There’s only one road through Peulla, Chile, and you can’t drive to it. Ruta 225 connects a ferry port on Lago Todos Los Santos with another on Lago Frias in Argentina, and connects with no other roads.

Peulla boasts a police station, a school, a tiny airstrip, and a small handful of hotels, some of which are over a hundred years old. The hotels house tourists to the area, which sits within pristine Andean wilderness, much of which is protected by the Chilean and Argentinian national park systems.

The lone road is part of the Cruce Andino, an old route comprised of three lake crossings and two roads connecting the ports. It was the primary route used over a hundred years ago to transport prized Patagonian wool across the Andes to ports in Chile where it could be shipped overseas.

The route hasn’t carried goods for many years but now carries tourists looking to visit the beautiful lakes, mountains, and national parks between Puerto Montt, Chile, and Bariloche, Argentina.

Know Before You Go

To get there, a traveler must either take a ferry from Petrohué, Chile, or follow the Cruce Andino from the Argeninian side.

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