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Peace Sign Geoglyph

A heartwarming message to those entering and departing Music City from above. 

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Little is known about the message hiding in plain sight just southeast of Nashville International Airport. From ground level it doesn’t look like much, ignoring the fact that is inaccessible since it sits in private property. However, from a bird’s eye view is easily recognizable.

There has been ample speculation about the geoglyph, which is roughly 400 feet in diameter. Conspiracy theories range from it being benevolent communication to or from extraterrestrials to being the site of a secret hippy commune. The most logical explanation is far more practical: that the symbol is a holding position landmark for pilots entering and leaving the busiest airport around.

Regardless of its purpose, be sure to look out the airplane window on your next trip to Nashville and feel the love.

Know Before You Go

The best way to see the peace sign is on a flight or on Google Maps. If you plan to try using a drone though, just be sure to check the local and FAA restrictions and guidelines as it is in a busy flight path.

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