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Buena Vista, Georgia

This folk art compound was built by a fortune teller on the advice of three people from the future. 


Founded by a man named St. EOM (nee Eddie Owens Martin), the psychedelic collection of buildings collectively known as Pasaquan was created at the behest of three beings from the future who came to the artist during a vision.

While living in New York City, Georgia-native Owens came down with a fever during which he reported a visitation from a trio of future people hailing from a place called Pasaquan. This place was described to him as a mecca of human understanding, togetherness, and art. Before departing the beings instructed Owens to “return to Georgia and do something.” After his vision, Owens moved back to Georgia as instructed, began calling himself St. EOM, and took to founding Pasaquan.

Beginning around 1955 and funding his dream with fortune telling gigs, St. EOM succeeded in creating six buildings covered in his colorfully detailed artwork across seven acres of land, the oldest of the structures being a 19th century farmhouse that he turned into a dizzying kaleidoscope of designs. Each of the buildings is covered, inside and out in mandalas, designs, faces, and other hand-painted artworks from nature and beyond. Each of the buildings is linked by concrete walls that are also covered in the psychedelic designs. 

Unfortunately St. EOM took his own life in 1986 leaving Pasaquan assumedly unfinished. After his death, Pasaquan’s visionary artworks were in danger of being left to the elements or destroyed for the land but luckily the site fell to a group known as the Pasaquan Preservation Society who were able to get the compound marked as a historic landmark and are now beginning full restoration of the site. With luck Pasaquan will survive long enough to send envoys back in time to inspire its creation.   


Know Before You Go

Visiting hours: Friday through Sunday: 10am to 5pm. Closed during federal and bank holidays and the months of December and July. Directions: From the Buena Vista town square drive north 1.4 miles on Ga. 41, then take a slight left onto Ga. 137. Go west 4.4 miles and turn right onto Eddie Martin Road. Drive 0.4 miles north to 238 Eddie Martin Road. Pasaquan will appear brightly on your right. There is a sign out front that says to beware of dogs. But there don't appear to be any dogs, at least not anymore. But do bring a bottle of water and bug spray—it gets hot out here and the nearest convenience store is not for miles.

site is now owned by Columbus State university now. $10/person donation is suggested. 

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