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Parkman Murals & Mosaics

These artworks take you traveling to mythical medieval Europe, the politicized grape fields of 1960s California, and deep below sea level. 


Largely plain and lacking in folly, this middle school’s standard-issue stucco has been enlivened in certain places with the handiwork of students past.

Among the buildings of this academic institution (once Francis Parkman Junior High, named for the 19th century American historian), visitors can enjoy a feudal fantasy marked by the presence of a fire-breathing dragon, tributes to authors and civic leaders, three ocean homages, and many other delights including the depiction of a Hopi Kachina (standing watch over the names of two former student body officers), a woodland scene of cavorting raccoons, and the portrait of a lone knight.

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August 6, 2011

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