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Paricutin Volcano

Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro, Mexico

Climb and walk into the crater of one of the youngest volcanoes on Earth. 


In 1943, local farmers started hearing underground thunders and noticed steam filtering from the Earth in the town of Paricutín. In February, Dionisio Pulido escaped from his cropland as smoke arose from fissures caused by the eruption. 

By dusk, flames rose like fireworks into the air. Volcanic eruptions continued for nine more years at what became one of the Earth’s youngest volcanoes.

Climbing the volcanic cone is a fun adventure best done early in the morning. No special equipment is required to enjoy the experience of encircling the crater’s lip and descending inside where hot sulfurous steam still filters through the soil.

A thrilling descent awaits hikers once a full lap is completed around the cone through a steaming black volcanic sand toward the food stalls at the foot of the volcano.

Know Before You Go

It is not advised to find the trailhead by yourself as there are community checkpoints that won't allow alone foreigners to travel the roads. Take a guide from Angahuan or from Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro. The weather is very cold in winter.

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