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Osokorky Metro Station

This underground transport hub doubles as an art gallery. 


Riding on the metro in any city gives visitors a deeper feel of life in the metropolis. It’s a unique part of the city, where an amalgamation of people from all walks of life simultaneously congregate, each going about their own life among the subterranean hustle and bustle.

A visit to Kyiv is not complete without riding the metro. As well as boasting the world’s deepest station (Arsenalana), the metro system also has some of the most beautifully decorated and ornate stations in the world.

Kyiv, a city known for its street art, has brought some of its artistic extravagance underground. The Osokorky metro station—once one of the more generic-looking metro stations—was chosen to house the “More than Us” street art project thanks to its dome-like inner structure. An international team of artists transformed the once-bland interior into a colorful feast for the eyes. The eight murals represent different aspects of Ukranian national unity, with a strong emphasis on the recent struggles in the country’s eastern regions. 

The eight artworks are:”Autonomy” by Mata Ruda from Costa Rica, “Motherland” by Kraser from Spain, “United” by Issam Rezgui from Switzerland, “Unfinished” by BkFoxx from the United States, “Samotkana” by Alexander Britsev from Ukraine, “Avdeyevka” by Matthew Down from Belgium, “Universal Language” by Apollo Tores from Brazil, and “Knowledge is a Treasure” by Spear from Belgium.

Know Before You Go

The Osokorky station can be reached via the green Sretsko-Pecherska line. A token for one trip cost 8 UAH and can be bought at the ticket counter. Note tokens will be available only until October 30,2019. You can also pay for a ride via PayPass credit card, Google Pay or ApplePay at yellow pay-gates.

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