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Ohakune Carrot

Ohakune, New Zealand

The largest model carrot in the world. 


The world’s largest carrot is sure to be a tasty addition to your roadie through New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. Nothing beats standing beneath this magnificent root vegetable and marveling at its height.

The 7.5-meter (25-foot) fiberglass carrot was installed in the 1980s for a commercial. It was then donated to the town and has been there ever since, getting hugged by all those who drive down the highway for the first time. Many see it as a celebration of the area’s agricultural contributions—approximately two-thirds of the carrots grown on the North Island come from this region.

Ohakune’s carrot statue is reportedly the largest model carrot in the world. New Zealand, like its neighbor Australia, is known for its collection of massive roadside attractions. According to the Carrot Museum, the current record for world’s longest carrot stands at 6.245 meters (20 feet, 5.9 inches). It was grown in 2016 by British gardener  Joe Atherton, who also holds the title for growing the longest beetroot (7.956 meters / 26.1 feet) and the longest radish (5.023 meters / 16.5 feet).

In the neighboring Ohakune Carrot Adventure Park, you may even find some anthropomorphic veggies, as well as a picnic area, a playground, and mountain biking and walking trails in the surrounding area.

Know Before You Go

It's right off the main highway, can't be missed! There's a little free adventure park right next to it with walking tracks and a picnic area. Just look for the large vegetables.

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