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Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm

Get up close and personal with these majestic fish. 


This three-acre farm houses more than 20 species of seahorse. The animals are farmed and raised in captivity to help preserve those in the wild. The captive breeding program is meant to help raise awareness about ocean conservation and prevent endangered species of seahorses from being poached in the wild.

When you visit the facility, you’ll see a variety of seahorses at different ages and sizes. You will also get to feed them and watch them race each other to the food. But the highlight is the end of the tour, when you’ll get to hold a seahorse. Fold your hands into a little basket, and a seahorse will wrap its tail around your finger, staying there until you gently unfold your hands.

Visitors are required to wash their hands and arms up to the elbow, and shoes are sanitized upon entry to protect the animals. A qualified biologist will assist with placing a seahorse in your hands. This is the only time on the tour you’ll be able to physically interact with sea life. Seahorses and sea dragons are delicate creatures, so flash photography is prohibited. 

Know Before You Go

Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm offers daily tours at 10 a.m., noon, and 2 p.m. Walk-in admission is $77 for adults and $67 for kids. Tickets may be purchased online in advance for a small discount of $4 less per ticket. During the high season, purchase tickets in advance online.

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