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Nevertold Casket Company is permanently closed.

Nevertold Casket Company

This Seattle curio shop collects and sells haunted items in order to spread wonder one grim artifact at a time. 


Opened in 2014, the Nevertold Casket Company is spooky little store on the ground floor of a Seattle apartment building that collects rare curios which purport to be haunted, all in the name of keeping the world wondrous.

Owned by relic hunters Jack and Tiffany Bennett, the shop displays a wide variety of strange items that the couple has procured over the years. Everything from elephant foot tables to creepy toy monkeys to human skulls are on display in the store and the collection continues to grow. Most of the items on offer come complete with a haunting story, many of them involving the supernatural, that the owners feel make each item even more special than a regular bizarre knick-knack. The array of antlers, bones, claws, and contraptions may seem a bit disturbing to some, but the Bennetts would have it no other way, reveling in the wonder that being unsettled can be. 

In addition to the cornucopia of strange collectibles the store, as the name implies, does sell actual caskets. Jack hand-crafts the body boxes having been inspired to learn the skill from his carpenter grandfather. The Nevertold also sells tiny mini-caskets about the right size for a cockroach. These original pieces don’t come with a haunted story, but that doesn’t mean visitors can’t pick one up and start an all-new generation of strange artifacts.   

 Update June 2, 2017: The store has closed, sadly. A restaurant will be filling the space.

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