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Fremont, Michigan

National Baby Food Festival

Week-long festival in the baby food capital of the world. 

Held the third week in July for more than two decades now, the National Baby Food Festival takes place in Fremont, Michigan, which is also home to the Gerber Products Company and is thus known as the baby food capital of the world.

A genius marketing move, the festival brings together hundreds of people because of the attractions and unusual events.

Some of the attractions at the National Baby Food Festival include nationally-known musical entertainment and carnival rides. As these might suggest, the festival resembles a large state fair in a lot of ways.

The events held every year are less conventional: they include a baby crawl, a baby food cook-off, a baby photo contest, and an adult baby food eating contest.

The week-long festival ends with a non-denominational gathering of area churches with live praise and worship music.

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