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Namche Bazaar

Namche, Nepal

Last stop before the top of the highest peak in the world. 


Most explorers deciding to tackle the dangers of Mount Everest ready their supplies in the bustling markets of Kathmandu before heading to the brutal ascent to the summit. 

However, even explorers and adventurers forget to pack things sometimes. In this eventuality, they can stop at the Namche Bazaar, the final major outpost of civilization before the desolate mountain climb begins in earnest.

Built along the side of a Nepalese hill, the ramshackle settlement increased in size with the swell in demand for supplies and equipment that came with the deluge of explorers following in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary’s successful Everest ascent. The marketplace village now includes such amenities as internet cafes, a currency exchange, locally-renowned bakeries, and even a small Irish pub. In addition to picking up any supplies, you might need before attempting to climb the world’s highest peak you can also make a stop at Namche’s Museum of Sherpa Culture to learn more about the history of the local people who might keep you alive on your journey.

Limited by the geography of the area, Namche Bazaar contains no more than 60-some dwellings amidst the various business endeavors, but the village still manages to hold the distinction of being the wealthiest district in Nepal. If you find yourself making the trek to the top of Everest be sure to stop in the mercantile community and pamper yourself (sort of). 

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