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Muzej Mamurluka (Museum of Hangovers)

A peculiar museum that includes many drunken tales, a drunk driving simulator, and much more. 


In the heart of Zagreb, there is the first in the world, the Museum of Hangovers, an enticing journey through the world of indulgence and excess. Upon entering, guests are immersed in a collection of over 50 captivating drinking and hangover-related stories, each brought to life by engaging exhibits that promise both amusement and enlightenment.

Interactive exhibits take the experience to another level. Donning drunk goggles, guests embark on the delightful challenge of drunk darts, where precision and accuracy are put to the test. In the drunk-driving simulator, they gain a firsthand understanding of the dangers of inebriation without risking harm to themselves or others.

For the ultimate thrill, visitors take on the “drunk floor,” a wobbly path where balance becomes a challenge. With deep fake technology, they can immortalize themselves emulating the poses of famous historical figures known for their love of libations, adding an exciting twist to their photos.

Beyond a mere collection of artifacts, the Museum of Hangovers offers an unforgettable experience merging history, humor, and invaluable life lessons. Whether a seasoned party enthusiast or a teetotaler, the captivating museum is a must-visit destination in Zagreb. 

Know Before You Go

Tickets are 8€ for students and 6.5€ for adults.

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June 21, 2022

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