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Museum of Eroticism is permanently closed.

Museum of Eroticism

Inside a former cabaret, seven floors of erotic art. 


As a diversion from Paris’ more serious renowned sights is Paris’ Erotic Museum. Housed in a former cabaret, the museum fills seven floors with erotic art and artifacts from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

An exhibition of the most… noble nature, the exhibitions display sexuality’s trends throughout history and space. The museum features four permanent exhibitions and a number of temporary shows. Among the curious exhibits are early 20th century silent porn movies in black and white.

Containing relics dating back from prehistoric times to the present day, the museum’s “Sacred Art” collection demonstrates the way in which humankind has honored the “miracle of life.” Throughout the continents, fecundity and fertility, which immortalize life, have given rise to the existence of cults dedicated to worshiping the forces of reproduction. These idols, amulets, masks, and other ceremonial objects have been modeled, sculpted, painted, or engraved, and and now featured for the public’s eye.

The second floor of the museum is dedicated to a collection of rare documents, photos, and drawings linked to prostitution in Paris’ brothels, covering the period from the end of the 19th century until 1946 (when these establishments were closed down). This section has been of special interest to artists in need of some inspiration.

The “Contemporary Art” collection reflects the 20th century’s liberation of self-consciousness regarding the body and sex.

Dealing with the recreational aspects of sexuality, the museum’s collection of “Popular Art,” often engaging satire, serves the purpose of de-dramatizing many popularized taboos.

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