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Los Angeles' Museum of Broken Relationships

Where the leftovers of love affairs can live on forever. 

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City of Secrets: Underground in Los Angeles

On this an insider’s journey into the City of Angeles, we'll discover the murals and art of the famous Arts district with a resident artist, clink glasses at an underground speakeasy, and hike through hidden ruins with a suspicious past, all in pursuit of the less angelic side of the City of Angels.
Sorry, Los Angeles' Museum of Broken Relationships is permanently closed.

Two Croatian artists, Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic, broke up. But rather than tossing the material effects of their lost love, they decided to open a museum dedicated to housing the runoff of broken relationships. The location in Zagreb proved so popular that it spawned a second Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles.

The concept is simple: If your heart has been broken and you are left with reminders of your lover too precious to throw away but too painful to keep, send them in to the museum with a brief description. In the quiet, minimal space, seemingly mundane objects are put on display with nothing but explanation offered by the anonymous donor. 

The exhibit offers a tender look at the intimacy of others. Some objects, like a wedding dresses and teddy bears, are easily read. Others are more obscure — mannequin hands, a plastic flamingo straw, several used emery boards, etc. The descriptions invite questions, laughter, gasps, and of course, tears. The Museum of Broken Relationships is one part melancholy, one part cathartic, and totally sigh-inducing.