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Musée des Arbalétriers (Museum of Crossbowmen)

This charming, hidden guild museum holds some 700 years of crossbow history. 


Considering that the entrance to this historic museum is somewhat hidden, the hospitality you will receive when entering the Musée des Arbalétriers (Museum of Crossbowmen) is nothing short of remarkable. 

Founded in 1381, the Crowssbowman’s Guild was a prestigious organization that garnered visits from Belgian kings. Today, the guild still contains just over 100 members, who still regularly compete for ornate champions’ belts and centuries-old honors.

The memorabilia items lining every square inch of the catacomb-like rooms range from the amazing to the bizarre.  The cavern-like building contains over 1,500 antiques, crossbows, and artifacts that the guild-members are very willing to explain and talk about. It’s free to enter and they are even open to new members. 

There is even a charming bar, where you can get a Belgian beer while you look around. And on Thursday evenings, you may even be allowed a chance at shooting one of the hundreds of crossbows in their multiple target ranges.

Know Before You Go

Help keep the museum alive by giving a tip at the bar.

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September 25, 2019

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