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Mr. Ed's Birthplace

A classic American barn that saw the birth of a classic American television star. 


If you’ve ever wondered where talking horses get born, this iconic red barn on Harvester farms (named after Mr. Ed’s father) is the answer.

Quintessentially red and offset beautifully by green foliage in the foreground, is where Mr. Ed the Talking Horse (real name, Bamboo Harvester) came into this world in 1949. Bamboo Harvester was named after his father, Harvester, as is tradition in equine breeding.

The barn is special not only because of its role in Mr. Ed’s life, but because architecturally, it is one of few original redwood barns of its kind remaining in all of the Los Angeles area. It was built around the turn of the century and operated as a poultry farm, its many acres also housing cattle and horses. In the 1950s, the place became the Palomino Horse Association headquarters and Mr. Ed’s father was used as a stud to create the pedigree. The current owner has been living in the neighboring house and maintaining the barn since the ’80s. The barn is also being considered as a state landmark due to its historical significance. 

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