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Mr. Blobby's House is permanently closed.

Mr. Blobby's House

Cricket Saint Thomas, England

The mouldering remains of a disgraced British children's icon are hidden in the brush of a public park. 


Known to the masses as Mr. Blobby, the strange polka-dotted mascot of BBC program Noel’s House Party was the main draw at the short-lived theme park based around the show, and now all that remains of the site are the crumbling remains of his psychedelic house.  

Mr. Blobby was the breakout star of Noel’s House Party and went on to become a national icon, even earning his own show at one point. The character’s popularity led to the opening of a theme park called Crinkly Bottom, where Mr. Blobby received his own section, known as Dunblobbin. Unfortunately the park closed after just over a year in operation, Mr. Blobby having come under fire for representing a general dumbing down of British entertainment. In the aftermath of the scandal, all trace of the park was wiped away, save the Dunblobbin structure, which was simply left to be retaken by nature as the rest of the area became a wildlife park.

In the years since its abandonment, Mr. Blobby’s styrofoam and plaster abode has fallen to pieces thanks to encroaching damp and nature, not to mention groups of heinous ravers who (legend has it) have thrown masive parties in the ruins. The formerly bright, round shapes of the buildings are now dull pastels stained with water and dirt, pitted and sagging. Mr. Blobby may not have gone out on a high note but his former home is an even sadder symbol of the once shining freak.  

Update January, 2018: The house has now been demolished and only rubble remains unfortunately.

Know Before You Go

The house has now been demolished and only rubble remains unfortunately.

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