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Mosque of the Divinity

This unique religious structure is an architectural gem with arresting ocean views. 


It was 1973 when a holy man by the name of Mohamed Gorgui Seyni Guèye envisaged a grand mosque on the beach. He took his dream as a prophecy and a commandment from the Lord.

The sacred site was indeed built on a beach in the ancient fishing village of Ouakam outside Dakar, completed in 1997. It’s known as the Mosque of the Divinity (Mosquée de la Divinité).

Designed by the architect Cheikh Ngom, the Divinity Mosque is a sublime religious structure characterized by two towering minarets offering unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean. Since the mosque was unveiled, it’s become both an important Muslim pilgrimage site and a breathtaking point of interest for curious travelers.

Visitors consider the mosque a must-see in the Senegalese capital of Dakar, not only for its sheer size and the panorama it offers, but as a unique architectural monument that melds elements of modernism with traditional Islamic design. From the top of the surrounding cliffs, the view looking out over the mosque backdropped by the ocean is picture-perfect.

Know Before You Go

The mosque is set next to the beach, off the main road. You can reach it from the road by walking down a long staircase or a cab can take you down. The mosque is also reachable by boat. The inside is not open to non-Muslim visitors, but the view of the picturesque exterior is worth seeing. The beach area also has great swimming, snorkeling, surfing, and the local fisherman sell fresh fish in the late afternoon.

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