Mokolea Lava Pools – Kilauea, Hawaii - Atlas Obscura

Mokolea Lava Pools

Submerged lava formations create incredible waterworks. 


Among Hawaii’s many incredible geological formations, the Mokolea Lava Pools stands out as one of the more active sights to take in on the islands.

This partially submerged lava-ledge sits 20-feet above the sea, but the incoming tidal waves are often twice that height, drowning the rocks before receding to reveal a series of roiling tidal pools. The largest and most photo-ready of these pools is roughly the size of a hot tub and fills with thrashing sea water before receding back with the tide. Sea life is often caught in the strong tides being shoved up through the pools and become briefly trapped. However the pools capture nothing so strongly as the attention of amateur photographers.