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Modlin Fortress is one of largest of its kind in Poland. The site has been home to a number of fortified strongholds since the 11th century, but the building that stands there today was built by the French between 1806 and 1812 on the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte. The fortress was taken over by the Polish after Napoleon’s Grande Armée was defeated at Moscow in 1812, and then by the Russians in 1813. In the mid-19th century the fortress underwent a massive expansion, including the 1853 addition of this massive granary overlooking the Narew River.

This neo-Renaissance building was built between 1838 and 1844. It was used largely for grain storage until 1853, when it was bought by the military authorities and became part of the Modlin Fortress complex. During World War II, the building was bombed many times. After the war, the authorities ordered its demolition, but the Polish architect Jan Zachwatowicz, who was leading the reconstruction of Warsaw, intervened and prevented its destruction.

The granary still stands today, and visitors can admire the entire structure. To find this wonderful place, you must go through the forest, near the Narew River. Three open portals from the riverside make an amazing impression. This place is amazing but can be quite dangerous. It’s a two-story building. Getting on the first floor is easy, but you have to beware of the falling bricks. The second floor is only accessible by a high wooden ladder. You have to be very careful, but an amazing view of the Narew river and the fortress are worth the effort. You can experience what it is like being in a fairy tale. Ruins surrounded by a forest near the river look brilliant. No tickets. No guard. Only you, the granary and nature.

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