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Midwest Miniatures Museum

Hickory Corners, Michigan

A quaint miniatures museum that turns its focus towards the lives of Americans in a simpler time. 


The simple lives of down-to-earth midwesterners have been made bite-size in the shrunken worlds on display at the Midwest Miniatures Museum. 

Hidden away on a little farm near the marvelously named town of Kalamazoo, is a tiny white farmhouse, that holds even tinier rooms inside it. The Midwest Miniatures Museum is a treasure trove of meticulously made miniature rooms that look like something out of Norman Rockwell’s toy chest. Quaint scenes and Americana are all the rage in the museum with a number of different tiny tableaus including a series of medical dioramas. Painstakingly recreated in 1:12 scale, the rooms cover such a midwestern sights as a turn-of-the-century doctor’s office, ophthalmologist, obstetrician’s, dentist’s and even a newborn baby wing. While the scenes depicted in the miniatures are quite banal, the details of each scene make them some of the more unusual miniatures ever built, with their tiny baby incubators, stirrups, foot-pedal-powered dentist’s drill, and tiny x-ray machine. In addition to the little vignettes, there are also a number miniature buildings and scaled-down dolls to complete the collection.  

Know Before You Go

This is a seasonal museum. It is open on weekends in April and November, and seven days a week May to October. If you want to visit outside of seasonal hours just give them a call to make special arrangements.