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Mazzariello Labyrinth

Spiral labyrinth hidden in the hills above Oakland, CA. 


This large spiral labyrinth lies in an old quarry. It is one of many located in the Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in the hills between Oakland and Orinda. It was built in 1989 by artist and psychic, Helena Mazzariello, and while the labyrinth was illegally installed on public lands, it has been allowed to remain. The labyrinth has since been “grandfathered” into the East Bay Regional Park District. 

The labyrinth measures roughly 50 feet across. It is outlined with volcanic rock that plants have grown through over time. A number of visitors come to this maze, walking its path and leaving trinkets or personal offerings in the center. Ceremonies are also performed here. Visiting this spot, one must abide by the California Regional Park rules and only visit during park hours.

Helena Mazzariello and East Bay Naturalist Michael Charnofsky lead a nature/labyrinth walk yearly during the summer. There you can hear the story of creating the labyrinth and the power of walking it. You will also learn that you are in the caldera of an ancient volcano and that there is also an eagle’s nest nearby.

Know Before You Go

Bring water, and wear sneakers. The hike in is wonderful in itself.  Please be considerate of others in the labyrinth, and when in the center (where you are only halfway done with your experience) perhaps bring a small trinket, or gift, and feel free to take one. While in the labyrinth, let each slow, conscious step on the path, be like a kiss on the earth. Look around you, and in you; you are in a special place.

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