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Maxilla & Mandible is permanently closed.

Maxilla & Mandible

A Natural History and Science Emporium. 


Maxilla and Mandible, Ltd., “The World’s First and Only Osteological Store” was established in 1983, in New York, where it gained its initial fame. Today, having grown to incorporate all branches of the natural sciences, Maxilla & Mandible is a “World Renowned Natural History and Science Emporium”.

In addition to our staff of paleontologists, entomologists, osteologists, anthropologists, sculptors and master craftsmen, we also employ outside experts in technical and scientific fields. Our celebrated showroom is just the tip of the iceberg -we have extensive laboratories, workshops and art studios which work in collaboration with our elaborate network of supply stations around the world. With a strong commitment to education, Maxilla & Mandible designs, creates, and constructs permanent and traveling museum exhibits. We are often called upon to appraise specimens and we are consultants to curators of both private and institutional natural history collections.

Maxilla & Mandible has discovered many new and exciting fossil species and has donated these scientifically important specimens to museums. We have sponsored programs aimed at the reintroduction of insect species back into the wild and have helped finance research projects on biodiversity. Thus, our reputation and support is immense - museums, universities, and scientific and zoological organizations, have recognized Maxilla & Mandible as a powerful catalyst bridging the gap between the public and the scientific community.

Update: Maxilla & Mandible is permanently closed.

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June 17, 2009

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