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Martinique Liftable Dance Floor

Freudenstadt, Germany

Inside this German disco, visitors can take a literal ride on the dance floor.  

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Martinique is a medium-sized night club with two floors in Freudenstadt. It has a large well-styled floor in the basement and a smaller dance area on the first floor. At first glance, nothing appears too special. 

This quickly changes for clubgoers when they witness part of the dancefloor raise into the air. The elevated dance floor raises with or without anybody on top. 

This is one of the few locations that still has an operational dancefloor lift. Nowadays, it’s rarely used unless by attendants to survey the dancefloor. It’s believed that these devices were much more commonplace, however, many have been permanently shut down due to safety concerns. 

Know Before You Go

The best time to try out this device is on Friday evenings or other times the disco is not crowded. Ask the DJ for a lift. 

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