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Gothenburg, Sweden


The world's biggest floating museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Comprised of 19 water vessels of all sizes, Maritiman is Gothenburg’s massive maritime collection and holds the distinction of being the world’s largest floating museum. Moored next to Packhuskajen on the Göta River in the heart of the port city, Maritiman invites you to climb aboard the former ships of Sweden’s military.

You can go below deck on the Nordkaparen submarine, or check out the former destroyer Smaland. Providing an intimate look at these ships, the Maritiman tour even shows you a secret cryptology room aboard the destroyer. All the vessels in Maritiman are now interactive museums where you can learn all about destroyers, mine-layers, U-boats, and fireboats by exploring the extensive collection and walking the corridors of these narrow ships of war.

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