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Marilyn Monroe Mural

A tribute to the pop culture icon overlooks this Washington D.C. intersection.  


Overlooking a relatively busy intersection in quiet Woodley Park is a portrait of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. The pop legend is painted above Salon Roi, located where the William Taft Howard Bridge and Duke Ellington Memorial Bridge meet.

In 1981, part-owner of Salon Roi, Charles Stinson, commissioned artist John Bailey to craft the portrait for co-owner Roi Barnard’s 40th birthday. Since, Monroe’s iconic countenance has gazed upon passersby, offering a familiar face to many.

When describing why the mural so special Barnard explained, “Marilyn carried me through a very troubling part of my life. I would just go see her movies or read about her. I connected with her.” That same connection still resonates with fans of Monroe to this day. 

The mural has stood for around 35 years. In 2001, the portrait was restored, funded by The Woodley Park Community Association. 

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