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Maison du Charolais

Charolles, France

An interactive museum and restaurant devoted to a prestigious breed of cattle. 


Visitors to this museum are invited to meet their meat, specifically the Charolais cattle breed that is the pride of the region and a source of high-quality beef in France and beyond. 

For that reason, you’ll see Charolais cattle in fields along the drive to the Maison du Charolais, as well as at the interactive museum itself, which aims to show the production process (from grass to beef) and the regulations surrounding the breed, from the size of the stables to the space requirements for pastures, all of which farmers must follow to sell their meat under the protected brand name of “Charolais.”

The institute is home, too, to a restaurant that serves Charolais beef and a shop selling relevant products. Tours typically end with a tasting, if not a glass of red wine as well. For those who eat meat, a visit can be an invitation to more carefully consider where our food comes from and the effort that goes into producing high-quality food.

Know Before You Go

Check the institute's website for information on booking various tour options, such as visits that include time with a breeder, as well opening hours.

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