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Lyndhurst War Memorial

The famous Alice Liddell designed this memorial after losing her sons in World War I.  


In the history of literature, Alice Liddell is widely known as the girl who inspired Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, but her later life often goes untold. At the age of 28, she married professional cricketer Reginald Hargreaves and lived in Lyndhurst for most of her life. They had three sons: Alan, Leopold, and Caryl.

After the onset of World War I, Alan and Leopold Hargreaves served the British military and were killed in action. Grieving their deaths, Mrs. and Mr. Hargreaves funded the construction of a war memorial in Lyndhurst. Being fond of art, Alice provided a naturalistic, almost unusual design concept.

Made from Cornish granite, the memorial was unveiled and dedicated on April 10, 1921. It’s located on the border of Lyndhurst Camp, where the famous 7th Infantry Division was stationed. It commemorates the residents of Lyndhurst who lost their lives in war, naming 69 from World War I (including Alan and Leopold), 21 from World War II, and one from the Falklands War.

Know Before You Go

It is a short walk from the village and station across from Bolton's Bench.

There is parking adjacent to the memorial, with level access, at Bolton's Bench car park.

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