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Lundin Links Standing Stones

Lundin Links, Scotland

A trio of giant megalithic stones in the middle of a golf course. 


Lundin Links is a small Scottish village known for its two historic golf courses, one of which includes a very unusual feature sticking out from the middle of the fairway.

On the second hole of the Lundin Links Ladies Golf Course (which incidentally is the oldest women’s golf course in the world), stands a trio of prehistoric stones, looking wonderfully out of place against the manicured landscape.

The huge megaliths stand between 14 to 17 feet tall. Crookedly shaped and made of sandstone, the pillars are believed to date back to the Bronze age, around the 2nd millennium BCE. Legend holds that the site was used by the Druids for ancient rituals.

Druidic rituals or not, it is likely that the three standing stones are the remains of an ancient stone circle. There used to be at least four pillars, but one stone went missing in the 18th century.

Know Before You Go

Take the A915 east from Leven until you enter Lundin Links. A left turn into Woodielea Road takes you to the golf course. Park there and ask permission to view the stones. 

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